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Wednesday Night "LIVE" Update - June 10

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The planned reopening of our facility for Sunday morning worship will be July 12, 2020. While some may wonder why we are waiting so long, others may believe this is too soon. Unfortunately, no decision will please everyone and, no matter what we decide, it will be impossible to ensure anyone’s safety. No matter what we do, or when we do it, there will be a risk associated with it. It is unavoidable. All we can do is suggest guidelines that, if followed, should mitigate the risks.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to put together those guidelines. Please understand, these will be guidelines. We can’t force everyone to follow them. We can only do our best to make sure everyone who chooses to come to the facility for worship recognizes the risks and hopefully, as a result, chooses to follow the guidelines. But even if everyone follows the guidelines, there will be a risk associated with gathering for public worship. Some will believe the benefit to them of public worship outweighs the risks. Others will choose to stay home and continue to worship virtually. Whatever decision you choose to make is fine. But please understand, if you choose to come to the church facility to worship, there will be risks. We will try and give guidelines to mitigate the risk, but they will not remove it. So when we open for public worship on July 12, ultimately, it will be your choice whether you decide to come to the facility to worship, or stay home and worship with us virtually.

Tonight at 7:00PM we will have our Wednesday Night “LIVE” Bible Study. Tonight we will be looking at “The Exile Era”. A worksheet for the study is attached. When you print the worksheet, you can print it front and back.

You can watch the study and our Sunday morning Livestream:

1. From here on our church website.

2. From our church YouTube Chanel at

3. From our church Facebook page at

Our Livestream audience, both for Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, continues to grow every week. Please share the links above with your family and friends. Additionally, Renato asked me to share this with you:

Dear Church family,

I have shared our Sunday morning Livestream to my own Facebook profile the last 2 weeks. Both times I shared it, distant friends who wouldn’t normally watch our worship service Livestream participated. I would like to invite you to share our Livestream as well. When you share our Livestream to your own personal Facebook profile, you make the Livestream visible to all of your friends, thus increasing our audience. Here are some instructions on how to share our Livestream.

On your phone, once you access our Livestream on Facebook:

1- Click on the “Share” button at the lower right corner of the Livestream feed.

2- Click on the 2 small tabs and set them to “News Feed” and “Public”.

3- Write something if you wish.

4- Tap the “Share Now” button.

From your computer, once you access our Livestream on Facebook:

1- Click on the “Share” button at the lower right corner of the Livestream feed.

2- Click on “Share Now (Public).

Thank you for your support and friendship.

Sing truth,


Because of God’s faithfulness, your generosity, and the wisdom and dedication of our stewardship team, our church has continued to be blessed financially. Thank you to all who have made a financial contribution to support our church and her ministries.

If you haven’t yet given, would you prayerfully consider making a donation to our church. If you are able, and if the Lord leads, you can give:

1. By clicking on the “Give” tab here on our church website.

2. By mailing a check or money order to Cornerstone Baptist Church, 8947 Albemarle Road, Charlotte, NC 28227.

3. By using your cell phone by texting “Eph220” to the number 73256. Once you send the text, you will be given a prompt on how to complete your transaction.

I want to personally thank everyone who sent me birthday wishes, either through a card, a post, a text, or a phone call. It was greatly appreciated!

It is a privilege and joy to serve as your pastor!

Isaiah 26:3.

In His Love,

Pastor Ted

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