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Wednesday Night "LIVE" for June 3

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we announced Sunday, we have postponed the planned reopening of our facility for public worship. At this time an exact date for reopening hasn’t been set. The elders and chairman of deacons will meet later this week to determine when and how it is best for us to reopen our facility. As I explained Sunday, we will make this determination on what is safest for all our members and regular attenders, from the youngest to the oldest. The safety of all who may choose to come to our facility to participate in our public worship service, particularly the safety of those who are most vulnerable to the risks associated with the coronavirus, remains our number one concern.

Tonight at 7:00PM we will have our Wednesday Night “LIVE” Bible Study. Tonight we will be looking at “The Kingdom Era”. A worksheet for the study is attached. When you print the worksheet, you can print it front and back.

You can watch the study and our Sunday morning Livestream:

1. From here at our church website.

2. From our church YouTube Chanel at

3. From our church Facebook page at

Hope to see you, or more accurately, for you to see me tonight!

In His Love,

Pastor Ted

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